Stuck at the Car Dealership

It looks like I'll have to be a day late on my monday photo dump this week. I have approximately a million things I should be doing today (one of them being sleep, I'm still not caught up from this whole night shift thing), but instead I've spent my entire afternoon at the car dealership.See last night my hubby and I went to Mellow Mushroom with some friends and when we left the car got stuck in reverse. It is still drivable, but only backwards (Smoke Signals, anyone?). So immediately after work (which I had to get a ride to and from) I got a tow truck and brought my year old car to the dealership for some major surgery. Thank God my husband is a mechanic, because I seriously have bad luck with cars.

I'm going home with a loaner car, but apparently they have to figure out what's wrong with it first. Let me just say, nothing pisses me off more than wasting my time. I could be cleaning my house, ordering business cards, taking pictures- but instead I'm watching criminal minds in this grey-walled room and blogging from my cell phone. And there's a crying baby. Joy.

I'll be catching up on everything blog-wise tomorrow (hopefully), but until then, wish me luck and a better day tomorrow. I may still be here at the dealership, cause it feels like I'll never leave.