One Year Together for Kyle and Cailey | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer


A while back I took some photos with Kyle and Cailey, a lovely couple that had just reached their one year anniversary.  It was a last minute session (although we had been trying to plan it for weeks), that came about when our schedules finally just fell into place.

Kyle and Cailey had just reached their one year anniversary and wanted to celebrate with some pictures.  They came prepared with props, different clothes, and lots of ideas.  That, combined with Cailey's previous experience in front of the camera made this session a breeze.  We didn't have to worry about posing much, which kept this session relaxed and fun. In the car on the way there they were issued a challenge- I said they'd end up on my blog, only if they proved to be interesting enough.  Well they most certainly did. Kyle started out the session by talking to some chickens (as in cluck, cluck) and I could tell right away that we'd get along just fine.


Although the session flew by, it did take me a little while to get these photos edited.  That's because the photos were turning out so great that by the time I was done I ended up with fifty edited keepers.  Fifty!

But enough with the chit-chat.  Let's get to the photos!


Don't these two look so incredibly happy together?  Congratulations on your anniversary, you two, and here's to many more!