Friday Photo Dump: Week #1 | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer

ImageIf you read my last post you know that in honor of the new year, I've started a 365 photo project in which I will get out my DSLR and take a photo of something, anything at all, every day for a year. Seems like an easy enough task right?

Well I'm pretty bad at sticking to big, time consuming projects, so the idea here is that if I post about it on my blog all the time there will be something or someone holding me accountable.

I'm counting on you, people.

Anyway, I've decided that every Friday (yes I know, I'm a day late already, but in my defense I hadn't really decided what I was planning yet until today) I'm going to post a photo-dump of the seven pictures that I've taken for the week.  They may come in collage form in the future, I haven't really decided yet.

When I'm done I'm thinking I'll create a photo book representing everything I saw this year.  We shall see.

So this is Week #1 of my weekly photo dump.

Let the photos commence!


January 1st, 2014: This is a photo of a fallen bud from a plant that my aunt and uncle gave me during their post-christmas visit at my house.

Each time one of these falls my cats totally freak out.  It's great.

1-2-14January 2nd, 2014: I was making broth for Thai soup and when I dumped the spice packet in it just looked so pretty.  We Americans have such boring spices, I think, because when I made this broth the house smelled amazing, in a completely different way than my cooking has ever smelled before.1-3-13

January 3rd, 2014: So when I woke up the morning of this picture, I saw my cat playing in his water dish.  I didn't think much of it until I went to put on my shoes (keep in mind this all happened at 3:45 am as I was supposed to be leaving for work) and found that they were completely wet and sitting in a puddle.  It turns out this little bastard had been scooping water out of his bowl and into my shoes.  Damn cat.


Ok so this was a bit of a short week seeing how the year started on a Wednesday, but it's a start.

I've also started my sentence a day project, which you can follow at my new twitter page:

Be on the look out for next weeks Friday Photo Dump!

(And if you don't see it, don't forget to give me a hard time about it! Really, it's for my own good)

Until next time!