'My Furry Valentine' | A Photo Contest with One Love Animal Rescue

ImageHave you heard? Mikaela Joy Photography is pairing up with One Love Animal Rescue for a Valentines Day photo contest featuring rescued pets in the Savannah area. Think your pet has what it takes?

All you have to do is send a picture of your beloved pet and your story to One Love (via their facebook page) and they will add it to the contest's album.  Spread the word and get all your friends to like the photo because on February 14th, the photo with the most likes will be the crowned the winner.

The winning furball gets a free photoshoot with yours truly.

The contest has been running for about a week now. We have 25 entries and the votes are starting to add up.

This contest has brought about some amazing stories already, so what I'd like to do is take a moment to showcase a few of our frontrunners and their stories.


Our current first with 43 votes: (text in italics written by the pet's owner)

"This is Rudy. We found him back in May on the side of the road. We thought he was dead because all we saw was a pile of bones with a little bit of bloody, dirty hair. We stopped and got out and was amazed when he lifted his head and started to wag his tail a little. He came home with us where he got lots of love and food while we tried to search for his owner. The vet said he had mange, heartworms, malnourished, and probably was a bait dog. During the month of June, he stayed with us and showed us just how much of a lover he was. He got along great with my dogs and cats and always wanted to be right by your side or in your lap. He rode in the car with us, slept with us, and even sat in the bathroom peeking through the shower curtain while we took a shower. Still, no one stepped forward as the owner or offered to adopt him so in July he went to Palmetto Animal League. It broke our hearts and we missed him so much but we were hoping someone would step up and give him a loving home since we already had dogs of our own. We kept tabs on him and would go visit and play with him, each time being disappointed that he was still there and sadden when we had to leave again. At the end of September, we finally decided that he must have been meant to be with us so we adopted him from there. Here it is January and he is still the best dog ever. He hasn't met another dog, cat, or human he doesn't like. He has helped us gain the trust of other homeless dogs on the streets so we could bring them home and find them a family of their own. It's pretty amazing! There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't put a smile of all of our faces. He's even won the heart of my husband who didn't really trust the bully breed in the beginning."

ImageComing in second (so far) with 36 votes:

"These are my two babies with their dad. He is often away for work- this was one night when he got home after working a very long day. Maggie, the white one, is my soul mate. She picked me, and I owe so much to her. She kept me grounded in so many ways when I was in school, and I believe if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have met my husband. Ginger is her daddy's soul mate. He is currently deployed and Ginger was literally sick with sadness for weeks. She loves her Maggie and will give anything for some play time and stuffed animals. They have a cat sister and a human sibling on the way. They are going to be the best big sisters."

#3And currently in third place:

"Meet my furry rescued valentines, Milo and Otis! My husband and I adopted Milo (the black lab) almost four years ago when he was a terrified, little puppy in need of some tender love and care. After weeks of love and patience, Milo warmed up and became the fun-loving guy we know and love today. Otis was a misunderstood grumpy little guy that we rescued over 2 years ago. Once he met Milo and knew that he would be loved forever, he came around and became the sweetest, quirkiest pup. They are our little furchildren and our lives wouldn't be as filled with laughs, love and adventure without them. They have been brothers since the day we brought them together and are nearly inseparable. Milo and Otis not only stole our hearts but they stole each other's."

There are a lot more pets in the running and the voting/submissions are still open.  Head on over to to One Love's Page to vote for your favorite pet's or submit your own.  Don't forget to like Mikaela Joy Photography to keep updated with the contest's new developments and to see photos from the winners shoot!