Eryn | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer

eryncandidIt can be hard to get anything done with a new baby, but last week I was determined to get back behind the camera taking something other than baby pictures. So with my little man tied on to my back, I made my way to Forsyth Park to meet up with a gorgeous model named Eryn. DSC_0851

Eryn posses one of my favorite qualities in a model- she's up for anything.  She showed up with a smile on her face and a perfect outfit, despite the fact that I had only given her a day's notice.  More impressively, she was unphased by my little helper, laughing as he tried to flirt with her.

DSC_0879 copy

Since it was such an impromptu shoot (I seem to be developing a habit here), we decided to keep it carefree with a more candid feel.  These are my favorite types of shots because they really showcase the personality of the model.  When I think of Eryn I think of vintage glamour, and I feel like that's what we captured here.


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