Ben & Erin | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Family Photographer

By the time that we are done with all our consultations and session, I usually know a lot about my clients and consider them to be friends.  But when the clients are friends before all of that, it's guaranteed that we will have an extra great time.

This is definitely true of Ben and Erin.  I've known these two for years (and have been trying to get them behind my camera for just about as long).   So when Erin contacted me asking about a family photo session I was pretty excited. 

The location was great, the timing was great, we just had one problem.  The shoot was scheduled during a very important football game.  All I can say there is thank god for technology! Ben was able to watch/listen to the game on his cell phone, and I was able to get the shots. Working with the dogs was an extra challenge (albeit a welcome one), but luckily for me these dogs were good posers.

And good kissers too, apparently.