Diana- The First Roll: Mikaela Joy: El Paso Portrait Photographer


I've been loving my holga, so when I came across a good deal on another Lomography style camera, I thought why not?  Let's play.

So for $25, I picked up a used Diana camera.  

At a basic level, Dianas are pretty much the same as holgas.  They use medium format film, are made entirely of plastic, and have very limited settings options.  Like holgas, they are known for their low-fi look, filled with light leaks and a very soft focus.  Diana's are known for a slightly different look than holgas (mainly a soft, dreamy look), so I was pretty excited to see what this little camera could do.  I took Riley to the park to test it out.


My first impressions of the Diana versus the Holga are this: 

-Diana definitely puts out softer images.  This would create an amazing look for certain types of photos (I'm imagining a really dreamy looking portrait session) but isn't quite my favorite for photos of my kiddo.

-Diana requires more light than the holga (although it still did fine in the shade of the playground)

-The field of view through Diana's viewfinder seems to be farther off from what the lens sees than the holga does.  I found myself accidentally cutting of parts of the picture that I didn't intend

Overall, I think I prefer the holga, but I do intend to play more with the Diana. With a little more practice and a little more play, I can see potential for some really cool shots coming out of this little plastic camera.