How Riley Sees it- Photos by my 2 Year Old | Mikaela Joy: El Paso Portrait Photographer


I've got a budding photographer on my hands.  Little man has been interested in my camera for a while now, but as he's getting older he's really starting to want to take his own photos.  He's pretty well over modeling for me, and is constantly telling me "mommy's turn" when I'm trying to get him to smile for me. 

But of course he's only 2 and my DLSR is a little complicated for him at this point so I decided to buy him a disposable camera.  I was sure we'd end up developing a blurry mess of nothingness, but he actually caught on pretty quick.  I think my little man might have a knack for this! 

He had so much fun shooting with this that I think I may need to find him a camera of his own (that doesn't involve me developing rolls and rolls of film for him).  If anyone has any suggestions for kid-friendly cameras (preferably with a viewfinder) leave them in the comments below, I'd love to hear some suggestions. 

In the meantime, here's how Riley sees the world!