Kristin Motherhood Session | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Portrait Photographer

Breastfeeding photo sessions always end up being my favorites, and this one was no exception.  Kristin and her little boy are coming to the end of their breastfeeding journey, and wanted to commemorate the bond they shared with some photos.  It's a bond like none other and deserves to be remembered. 

Breastfeeding is a lot of things.  It's full of drool, and spit up, leaky boobs, and getting kicked in the face.  It can be frustrating, painful, and monotonous, whether it's the hours spent on the pump or when baby wants fed for the third time in an hour. But it's so much more than all of that.  There's something so amazing about being able to provide everything a little person needs from one's own body.  It's about those late nights when the baby falls asleep on your chest and sweetly suckles in his sleep, or those moments when you make eye contact and he smiles up at you.  Breastfeeding is a crazy, frustrating, never-gonna-end/is-it-over-already roller coaster.  And it's damn beautiful, too.

I'm so happy that Kristin trusted me with these memories.  It was so wonderful to meet these two strong, beautiful people and share this time with them, because moments like this shouldn't be forgotten.