How I Feel about Winter Storm Leon (In Poem Form)

For a blog called "Poetry and Pesto," there sure hasn't been a lot of poetry on here lately. Well, have no fear, I am about to change that.

So I live in Georgia, and right now there is this big hype about the fact that it might snow tomorrow.  Apparently it hasn't snowed here in like 20 years.  Well, I'm from Washington State where it snows all the time, so I'm finding the whole thing quite entertaining.  I get that down here our houses and vehicles and power lines aren't prepared to handle snow, but come on guys, its a possible inch. In fact, I will be legitimately mad if it doesn't snow after all this hype.  I haven't seen a proper snow in years!


Anyway, I wrote my feelings on the matter into a poem, partly because I was inspired to do so, but mostly because I didn't want to work. Here it is:


So there you have it-- My thoughts on Winter Storm Leon (in poem form).

Enjoy the soon to come snow!