Announcement Time!

Alright, I know, I disappeared for a bit.  My last post was in April and that's not okay.  I abandoned the 365 project in favor of getting some (much needed) extra sleep.  But guys, I promise, I have a good excuse. Are you ready for this?***


So you can see why I've been a bit sleepy lately.  And hungry.  And nauseous.

But even though I haven't been posting much I have been shooting, and I have a lot of great sessions to share with y'all. So if you've stuck around this long, thank you.  Supposedly I'll be getting a "second trimester energy burst" here in the future (today would be great, please), and I have a lot of big plans for my future photography endeavors.

So stay tuned! There is lots of great stuff coming.

***for all honesty's purpose, I totally stole the idea for this from pinterest.  Here's the original.