Two For One Photo Shoot | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Lifestyle Photographer

samglamWhenever I shoot with Sam (one of my best friends and my favorite model) we have a tendency to get a bit carried away. We get an idea in our heads, and then we get three more and then we spend most of a day shooting photos.

For that reason my portfolio has more images of Sam than anyone else and they are all a strange mismatch of different genres.

But we always have fun!

This shoot started out early in the morning with a very glam look (pictured above).  She put on a red dress and some makeup and we ventured out into the morning light for some portraits.

And then we got into the black paint and shadows.


This was where both of us got to really play with our creativity.  We worked together to make photos that really evoked emotion and were a step away from my normal type of work to add variety to both of our portfolios.

How did we do?