Pregnancy Update Week 18

18weeksWell, now that the big news is out (along with the big belly), I suppose it's time to start doing some pregnancy updates. At 18 weeks pregnant I'm officially and unmistakeably showing.  I'm to the point where strangers now feel comfortable enough to comment on the small orb that is my stomach. It pretty much happened overnight. Speaking of which, since when are people so bold about asking a woman if she's pregnant?  I'm of the philosophy that you should never ask.  Even if she's got a giant 3rd trimester belly.

I think I'll start acting confused whenever people say something.  I'll lead with a, "What? I'm not pregnant," and then act very offended that they think I'm fat.

Since this is always everyone's first question, I should probably mention that no, I don't know whether it is a boy or a girl yet.  I will be finding out in less than two weeks though (how exciting!) I've started to feel movements fairly regularly (at least once a day), but no significant kicks yet.  Definitely nothing that anyone else would be able to feel.  I had my first appointment with the midwife today (after the long battle of trying to get off post with my care) and heard a strong healthy heartbeat and confirmed that both baby and I are healthy and happy.

As for cravings, at this point I pretty much want to eat my weight in cherries.  So if anyone has the hookups on where to get large amounts of cherries for cheap please let me know.  I will be oh-so-grateful.

So that's the news for my 18 week update.  I haven't quite decided how often I plan to do these (maybe weekly) but expect more to come soon!