Pregnancy Weeks 21-23

21 WeeksI've been getting requests from family and friends for a new bump picture, so I guess it's time to update a bit. I will confess though, this photo is a bit old.  I'm actually almost 23 weeks now and this was taken at 21.  Still the bump hasn't grown that much in the past couple of weeks... at least I don't think so.

I seem to be still in the happy glowy ohmigosh the baby is kicking stage of pregnancy that everyone keeps telling me is so great (and oh boy is there a lot of kicking). I'm hoping to hang on to that as long as I can.  Everyone keeps reminding me that things are all downhill from here in terms of pregnancy ailments, but I think I'll just live in blissfull ignorance for right now.

Oh! I haven't shared the latest new yet have I?  I had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and found this little tidbit out:


Yup, I was wrong and the hubby was right.  It's a boy!  I thought I might be disappointed by this, just a little, but the truth is that I'm just happy for a healthy baby (who is normal in size, apparently, which is quite comforting).  And then I started looking at clothes for little boys and oh my goodness are they cute. 

So for now it's all about the baby shower and nursery decorations, and of course buying all those cute clothes that I really don't need!