Pregnancy Week 27

27 WeeksGetting bigger!  I'm almost through the 2nd trimester and it's about time for another update.  Everything is going by so quickly. I only have 13 weeks to go and it feels like there is so much to do.  The nursery is nowhere near close to done (not that I'll be using it right away, but I'd still like to have it done), and I still really haven't caught up on this whole housework thing.  Its amazing how messy a house can get when I decide to sleep for 3 months straight.  Funny how that works. I'm running on an energy burst today, but that's nowhere near common for me.  I'm still generally exhausted and only expecting it to get worse.  But I did accomplish quite a bit today.  For instance I found out there is a store in Pooler called Taterbugs that sells all kinds of cloth diapers. So I decided to start my stash today.  Aren't they cute?!


I'm hoping the cuteness will outweigh the stink.  In all seriousness though, Robert suggested the idea of cloth diapering when I very first found out I was pregnant and, while logically and monetarily it seemed like a good idea, I've been a little overwhelmed by it.  I had looked some things up online and kind of figured out how it works, but there are so many types of diapers and so many opinions of how it should be done, that I was pretty lost.

But the woman working at Taterbugs was great in helping me understand the different types of diapers and what they are used for etc.  She walked me through their whole wall of products and helped me pick a few out.  So now instead of being overwhelmed, I'm just excited by all the cute designs.

Of course I may change my mind about all that when there is actually a baby pooping in them.  Who knows.  If anyone has any experience/advice about cloth diapering it would be much appreciated.

In other news, Robert and I finally started painting the nursery.  I've only been bugging him about it for months now.  What can I say, I'm a bit impatient.  We went to Lowe's with a plan in mind about how we were going to paint- and then ditched it almost completely.  We ended up with three grey walls and a bright blue chalkboard wall.  I'm pretty excited about how it's all turning out. It doesn't really go with my original color scheme plan, but I'm loving the new plans.  Grey, blue, and orange is my new color pallet (kind of like that chevron diaper, actually).

Other than that I'm just doing the usual, working and photo editing, cuddling with the dog, and sleeping. A lot.  Just three more months to go until I get to meet baby Riley, and I'm so excited!