Kitt and Séamus | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Family Photographer

There's nothing more beautiful than the bond between a boy and his mother.

I'm sure this is pretty obvious, but I'm very passionate about babywearing.  The term sounds weird, but when you strip it down to what it really is- holding your baby close as much as possible, well that's something I can really get behind. 

It's been a total lifesaver for me since my little man was born.  My wraps have tamed tantrums, soothed teething pains, and allowed for me to do all the things I liked to do before baby.  Because of babywearing I have a photography assistant, lunch date, adventure buddy, and more! My little man is with me constantly, and I love it.

But this post isn't about me.  I met Kitt and Séamus through Savannah Slingers Babywearing group where I am a volunteer educator.  Kitt teaches a babywearing bellydancing class, a concept that she came up with after practicing her dancing while spending time with her little one.

The bond between these two is so beautiful. He is so comfortable and happy while wrapped up with mommy and she just exudes love for him.

This is exactly what I wanted to capture in this session.  The shoot fell just around Séamus' bedtime, so it was a bit difficult to get him to interact the way I had hoped, but when we got the shot, boy did we get it.


These two were so great to work with!  I can't wait for the chance to work with them again, and to watch little Séamus grow up!