Renata Glamour | Mikaela Joy: Savannah Portrait Photographer

Look who's in front of my camera again, it's Renata!  This girl should be a model because she photographs like a dream.  Seriously, she's gorgeous.

This shoot was an absolute blast. She let me dress her up, and was totally open to all my crazy ideas ("Oh, you want me to spin in circles in a makeshift dress while you point a blow dryer at me?  Sure!")

These studio sessions have been such a departure from my normal work, and I'm really excited about them!  There is just something so special about the experience of it- you dress up and I do everything I can to make you feel like a superstar, and in the end we are left with gorgeous pictures to commemorate an amazing day.  You really can't beat that!

Check out the great shots we got from this session! (Like I said, she's gorgeous!)