Happy Birthday Riley!

cake smash

This time last year I was probably sitting on the couch, cuddled up with a little human that somehow (and I still couldn't wrap my mind around this)- I created.  He was probably sleeping, his tiny body taking up barely any space on my chest.  Or he might have been trying to breastfeed, something that we were both learning and struggling with.  But one thing I know for sure I was doing at this time last year- staring at him in complete awe.

This year things went a bit differently.  I woke up to some very conversational babble from my little boy who is now considered a toddler.  We went on adventures in the park, had conversations about who-knows-what, picked out some new toys, and smashed a cake at his birthday party.

Its crazy to me to think that my little boy is so grown up.  He is one now!  He knows three words, (dad, mom, kitty) and can walk like a champ.  His days consist of chasing cats, playing with his toys (Tonka trucks and toolboxes for this kid), and eating anything and everything. Now when we cuddle on the couch he takes up almost as much space as I do, and he certainly doesn't have any trouble breastfeeding.  So much has changed in the last year.  We've been through many milestones, clothing sizes, and various configurations of the living room to keep the baby contained.  But one thing still hasn't changed.  As he looks up at me, squirming around my lap, attempting to nurse and do gymnastics at the same time I'm still in awe, thinking the same thing I was one year ago as he slept peacefully on my chest-

I created this amazing little person, and I love him more than anything in the world.